Portfolio update – August 2021

The collaborative fund performance 1. increase from 29% to 31.83% from July to August 2021 - a 3% improvement! I have deployed a diversification approach for the month of August. Many of the stocks picked up bullish gains which help in the portfolio performance. 2. increase from NAV of 246,765.05 to 280,055.80 from July to August 2021. In summary, August has been a good month for the fund. I have kept PLTR and CXSE to 5% weightage only in the fund as they are still considered volatile stock and ETF in emerging markets respectively. Moving forward, i am showing the portfolio allocation base on percentage which i feel is more useful for you readers.

Portfolio Spotlight Series 1 – Palantir

In the Portfolio Spotlight Series - i will be going through each holding in my portfolio and the selection criteria for its entry. Stocks are either1. Great companies with consistent earnings, free cash flow, strong competitive moats. These are first team players2. Potential growth companies with breakout earnings, growing competitive moats etc... these are hot …

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