Portfolio update – September & October 2021

The collaborative fund performance
1. increase from 31.83% to 51% from August to October 2021 – a 20% improvement! Many of the stocks picked up bullish gains which help in the portfolio performance.

2. increase from NAV of 280,055.80 to 302,595.94 from August to October 2021.

In summary, September to October has been 2 good months for the fund. I have

  1. Bumped $PLTR from 5% to ~10% weightage in the fund
  2. Taken Profit from $TSM and will rebalance to 5% weightage as risk management. I foresee the China-Taiwan conflict having a long term downside effect on the stock.
  3. What can i say about $MSFT(Microsoft) ? I am hugging this forever. Manage to hit 20%
  4. Added more $LMT(Lockheed Martin) stock when it hit 330 after its Q3 earnings miss analyst’s expectations. Will rebalance to 10%
  5. Added $ENNV to 5% of the portfolio. This is a long term investment. I have replaced Amazon with $ENNV as i view Amazon as a duplicate of Microsoft but less upside than it.
  6. Added more $Berkshire. Aiming to hit 20%weightage

For the portfolio performance back in August 2021, you can read my post here.

Looking forward to a better performance from the fund in November!

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