Beesy !!

Sometimes, there are moments in life where you just feel that so many things are going on at the same time.

This is happening to me right now.

First of all, I’m working full-time in the IT sector , specifically in the cybersecurity domain. Recently i have decided to look for greener pastures. It was not an easy decision as i had been working for close to 5 years in my company. but when the ship is sinking and the captain had left, you really need to look for a lifeboat too . Think you know what i mean.

Second , I’m also moving house ! Yes , in the same period as changing my job. What a coincidence ! I’m upgrading from my current house which is called a HDB (Housing Development Board) flat to a condominium . These are common housing terminologies in Singapore ( Yes I’m staying in Singapore – the little red dot of the world )

Third, i also needed to look for a nursery for my second daughter as well which is in a location suitable for daily drop-off and pickup. This also required a fair bit of time to scout and survey before we decided on a suitable school.

Three major events in my life overlapping with each other in the same few months. Really really beesy these few months and hence i had no choice but to pull myself back a bit from my blog.

Nevertheless, i still managed to squeeze a teeny bit of time and wrote my blog updates albeit less frequently. Hope to go back to my normal frequency and output probably by 4th quarter of 2021.

What about you – my readers ? Have you also ever went through similar convergence of major life events and how did you manage to go through it ? Do post your comments below !

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