My first major milestone and … starting a podcast ??

1. First 10 Followers

I consider it my first major milestone when 10 people start following my blog.
Big shout out to my followers (11 of you so far). Thank you for following my blog!

Kudos to those who have read (and liked) my blog consistently too

2. Starting a podcast

I am also thinking of starting a podcast. It has been resonating with me for some time now.

Now why in the world would i start one , you wonder ? Well , below are some reasons

  1. To have fun – this is the most powerful reason for me šŸ™‚
  2. To educate through bantering
  3. As a side hustle
  4. Not comfortable with YouTube exposure.

What will my podcast be about?”

  1. Capture the journey of collaborative fund investing.

2. Also provide monthly market movements/food for thought/stock analysis/portfolio spotlight/High Impact events episodes.

3. Introduce more of Asia Stocks (e.g. HKEX/SGX stocks) to my audience. I feel there is a lack of exposure to stocks in these regions.

What do you wish to hear in the upcoming podcast ? Submit your comments !

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