Portfolio update – June 2021

The collaborative fund performance
1. increase from 50% to 64% from May to June 2021 – a 14% increment!
2. increase from NAV of 285,671.50 to 313,037.20 from May to June 2021.

In summary, June was a good month for the fund.
Asset CategorySymbolQuantityCost BasisClose PriceValue
Above are the latest positions for my portfolio holdings.

Mark to Market Performance Summary of Holdings

Mark-to-Market Performance SummaryAsset CategorySymbolPrior QuantityCurrent QuantityPrior PriceCurrent PriceMark-to-Market P/L Total
Mark-to-Market Performance SummaryStocksAMD300080.08241.5328576
Mark-to-Market Performance SummaryStocksCXSE200100065.8467.292849.2054
Mark-to-Market Performance SummaryStocksKL390200043.3339.79-900.0285237
Mark-to-Market Performance SummaryStocksMSFT500400249.68265.029712.930021
Mark-to-Market Performance SummaryStocksPLTR4000400022.9526.7820439.616
Mark-to-Market Performance SummaryStocksTSM2000117.3692.78796202
Above are the mark to market transactions for the month of June 2021 for my portfolio holdings.

I have sold the following holdings

  1. AMD
  2. TSM

and bought more of

  1. CXSE
  2. KL

I have also taken profit from MSFT and monitoring some value stocks as part of rebalancing.

All these are consistent with my June 2021 Week 3 messages here

For the portfolio performance back in May 2021, you can read my post here.

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