Stock Analysis Update – Microsoft $MSFT

Well Well !! Congratulations to those who bought at the low price point of 240 back in 4th June ! You can refer to the post here.

By now you would have heard that Microsoft has joined Apple as one of only two trillion dollar companies in Wall Street ! This is a testament to the solid fundamentals of the company. Do refer to my post here for the portfolio spotlight on Microsoft.

As of current, I am seeing that Microsoft could be retracing back to the strong support line of 262 due to profit taking. Then the bull case is that it will bounce back up and continue on its upward trend. The bear case is it breaks past 262 and continue downwards. However I am trending more towards the bull case as overall, the trends are all showing signs of upward trending with 20,50,100,200 EMA all above each other. I am looking forward to seeing where is the new ATH (All Time High) price point of Microsoft priced by Mr Market 🙂

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