Stock Analysis – TSM $TSMC

TSM was at attractive price level of 107.78 back in May 2021. Notice the bullish divergence ? if you had bought at this price back in May, you would have ride the trend up to the current price level of 118.25 . Currently, TSM is at the tail end of its W shape recovery. The bear case is it could dip back and hit 107 support level in which case would be a great buying opportunity. The bull case would be that it continues its upward trend until its next resistance 124.34/128.50/141.77. An important detail to note is that TSM’s next earnings call is on 22 July 2021 🙂 DYODD!
Mid term wise, notice that the lowest TSM share has ever hit is at the 100 EMA level which is back in March/April 2020 – the COVID 19 Pandemic ! Usually it will rebound off its 50 EMA level. I would accumulate more if it hits 107 support level again

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