Portfolio update – May 2021

Asset CategorySymbolQuantityCost BasisClose PriceValue
Equity and Index OptionsIEF 20JAN23 108.0 P1270.71282.3286232.86
Equity and Index OptionsKL 18JUN21 40.0 P132.90780.276827.68
Equity and Index OptionsMSFT 18JUN21 237.5 P-3-368.1287181.25-375
Equity and Index OptionsPLTR 20JAN23 65.0 C508565.641.7558775
Equity and Index OptionsTLT 20JAN23 110.0 P1419.08284.225422.5
Equity and Index OptionsMSFT  210618C0026000050.66-330-5
I started a collaborative fund back in July 2020. The short term aim was to see how far it could go within 1 year. Till date, the fund has reach a performance of 50 % – beating the S&P 500 on average. With this benchmark in mind, the long term aim is now to reach 2 million within 6 years with financial freedom in mind. This blog was created to capture this journey. The initial dips in Q3 2020 and Q4 2020 were as a result of overallocation in certain bubble stocks which i have since sold off. The focus is on an investing strategy of

– good companies with strong competitive moats, consistent earnings
– growth companies with breakout earnings, growing competitive moats
– geographical diversification

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